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Every client comes to us with unique requirements and Gale Force is prepared to flex and bend to meet those needs.  When it comes to serving our clients, our only concern is your success.

Our engineers are accustomed to adapting to our clients' development processes and coding standards. However, Gale Force Software has defined its own processes and standards that can be employed at our client's request.

Our engineers are comfortable in a variety of roles:

  • Leading a project team of our own engineers, your engineers or a combination of the two
  • Working as part of a team led by your engineers
  • Fully implementing an application or product
  • Introducing your engineering team to a new technology
  • Finishing a project started by another engineering team

We engage in projects at varying stages of the development process:

  • System Design - given system, budget and timing requirements, design a solution for your project or product
  • Implementation - develop commercial-ready applications and products
  • Product Upgrades - modify existing applications and products with new features
  • Test Benches - develop fully or partially automated testing environments for use on the manufacturing floor or in a test lab