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Engaging with a new engineering firm can feel like a gamble. Let us take some of the mystery out of working with Gale Force Software.

Right from the start you will be speaking with an experienced engineer. We'll get a non-disclosure agreement in place and set up a meeting to discuss your project in detail.
At our first meeting, we'll get to know you and your company and you'll learn more about Gale Force Software and our engineers. Then we'll talk about the project and you'll notice that we ask a lot of questions. This is a time for us to listen and focus in on your needs. We may ask for additional materials such as requirements and design documents, source code or access to an existing application to help us understand the scope of the project.
A detailed Basis of Estimate is prepared by one of our Lead Engineers. The project is broken down into individual tasks which are then assigned the estimated number of hours to complete the task. We work hard to anticipate potential roadblocks that could impact the schedule and budget of the project because surprises are only fun on your birthday.
The Basis of Estimate is used to create the Project Proposal. The proposal will include a description of the project as we understand it, the list of tasks to be completed, the estimated number of hours to complete each task and the estimated total cost to complete the project. In addition, the proposal will detail any assumptions that have been made in its preparation. For example, we may assume that a software application will support only English or we may assume that target hardware will be provided to us.
Once you've reviewed and accepted the Proposal, we'll schedule a Project Kick-Off meeting.  This is a time to review the requirements of the project with team members from both Gale Force Software and your team, determine modes of communication and set up future meetings or milestones.
After the Kick-Off meeting, the development phase begins.  Depending on the nature of the project, this phase often includes design work.  Typically, this is an iterative process in which design or development is done and then presented to you for feedback.  The cycle repeats until everyone is comfortable with the end product. 
At the conclusion of the project, Gale Force Software will present you with the project deliverables.  Many times the deliverables are source code or documentation.  Whatever the case, any materials that are delivered are your property.  Gale Force Software retains no rights to any product of a completed project.