The founding partners of Gale Force Software have worked together in the engineering services field for many years.  In 2006, they decided to form their own company with the idea that they could use their collective experience to provide outstanding engineering services that would lead to long-lasting relationships with clients.

Gale Force Software has seen many successes since its start.  While several of our founders have years of experience building medical devices, as a company we were awarded our first contract to develop a medical device in 2007.  Our contributions to that project have led to work on many other devices for the same client.   That same year, we began a relationship with a client in the facilities security industry.  Again, our contributions to their projects have built a continuing relationship that remains strong today.

Engaging with new clients and showing our expertise and our ability to complete projects on time and within budget has continued to fuel the success of Gale Force Software.  We have now been a part of over a dozen medical device projects.  In addition, we have established relationships with clients in the consumer electronics industry, the residential care industry and the defense contracting industry.

The strength of Gale Force Software has always been based on the simple truth that working "with" a client rather than "for" a client leads to successful project outcomes.  As the company has grown, we have extended that principle into our role as an employer.  We want our employees to feel like they are working "with" us and not "for" us.  Our desire is to build strong relationships with our employees as well as our clients.